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`Payment Plans` definition

The ‘Payment Plans’ are the business plans we support as part of the 500Affiliates program. Based on those plans you will get paid for your promotional activities as our affiliate.

How does the CPA plan work?

When you work with us based on the CPA plan - you receive a fixed payment for each Qualified Trader you referred to Plus500. The payment amount depends on both the referred trader's country of origin, as well as the relevant category (Shares, Forex, Commodities, Crypto, etc) which is determined by the trader's activity. i.e. if you refer a qualified trader from Australia (CPA $600), who trades on Commodities (+$100 adjustment), you will receive a total of $700.

Check the full list here:
* Please note that the above rates shall apply only to the extent that no other rate is specified under the Affiliate Section as defined in the Affiliation Agreement.
* Subject to the terms and conditions of the Affiliation Agreement.
* The Affiliate must receive the Company's prior written approval to target marketing to citizens or residents of countries that are not specifically listed in the above table.

What a qualified CPA trader is?

A qualified CPA trader, is a trader that made a first deposit, started to trade with real funds and passed the spreads limit.

How do I get paid for the CPA qualified trader?

Each month our system calculates the total of your new CPA qualified traders registered on your affiliate account. You will earn your CPA value multiplied by the number of qualified CPA traders.

Payment Methods – How can I set my payment info?

We support the following payment methods: Skrill, PayPal, and wire transfers. If you choose PayPal or Skrill for your payments, you will be required to insert the email which represents your PayPal or respectively your Skrill account. For a wire transfer you will need to fill in all the relevant info needed for the bank to bank transfer.

You can set your payment info by accessing the 'Manage Account' section in your account and then go to the ‘Payment Details’ tab.

When the payments are being made?

We execute payments at the 10th of each month for your previous month activity*.
* The balance on your affiliate account needs to be over $150.

CPA Amount
Australia $600
Austria $400
Bulgaria $200
Cyprus $300
Czech Republic $300
Denmark $500
Finland $300
France $500
Germany $500
Greece $300
Hong Kong $300
Ireland $300
Israel $200
Italy $400
Kuwait $500
Latvia $200
Luxembourg $500
Malaysia $300
Malta $300
Netherlands $500
New Zealand $500
Norway $500
Poland $300
Portugal $400
Qatar $400
Romania $200
Saudi Arabia $500
Slovakia $400
South Africa $400
Spain $400
Sweden $500
Switzerland $500
United Arab Emirates $500
United Kingdom $600
Other Countries $200
Category Adjustments